Can you improve the quality of your life?

First before I begin, I feel the need to define quality of life as it is subjective…… to me, quality of life is where a person finds their happiness.  It can be with family, friends, pets or traveling.   It can be found in solitude, in hiking, in driving, in the creation of music, dance or any other form of art.   You can have little money or an abundance of money ….. but resources or lack thereof should not dictate the state of your health.  That is the one attribute that is not subjective .  It would be foolish to say having resources doesn’t help, because you can pay people to do the research for you.  But you cannot buy good health, it has to come from within, taking care of yourself through exercise, eating wisely, and most important being in love with yourself enough to be proactive with your health issues.   Honestly, you don’t need a lot of money to be healthy……our world is so small due to technology…..a little bit of online research, using the contacts the universe has placed in your sphere and asking good questions will go a long way to health improvement.

What is not subjective is the ability to ambulate on our own, the blessing of good vision and hearing, the ability to care for our basic personal needs,  or to fight a disease whose odds are in its favor…….and to add to the depressive list, some providers just don’t give a damn until affects one their own.   It is enough to cause even the strongest to fall victim to full depression, which just gives more fuel to the circumstance.    And many times, the depression sets in so subtly, one doesn’t even realize until friends or family members mention the change or they become scarce.

Right now, in the United States, we are faced with such dire physician quality issues – partly due to the quality of physician but moreover due to a substandard in the hiring and mentoring of healthcare provider staff.   They are usually lower wage workers who are given a million things to do and all they really want is for a better paying job to come along.   Frankly, very few give a damn about calling you with your results, about making sure you have your next appointment scheduled – about quality period.  Think about this – that mindset is a trickle down effect from management and the physician themselves.      Have you ever been in a surgical suite where the physician is so nervous, the entire staff is nervous?  Where the physician is so angry, everyone else is angry?  Or where the physician is happy and playing music?  An environment absorbs its energy – whether it in a surgery or in an outpatient office.

A normal wait time for a physician visit is 3 to 4 weeks, add some testing and a return appointment for test results into the equation and you can easily be looking at 6 month time.   And that is with a regular commercial insurance, God forbid if you have an HMO, that time could at least extend by 6 month for a total of a year and a year is an awful long time to allow something to control or grow in your body.

Let me give you a very personal example:  Last March at Bumrungrad Hospital, I had my yearly female workup.  I underwent physician consultation, uterine ultrasound, breast exam by mammogram and ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound (not to be confused with uterine ultrasound, this ultrasound looked at my kidneys, spleen, liver etc.  all things in my abdomen.  I then returned at 5 pm that evening for my results – which were normal!  Great news…..even better news….the total cost for everything was less than $500 USD.   I then take that expense receipt and turn it over to my US healthcare provider to apply to my high deductible commercial carrier.

Please consider subscribing to my thoughts..I am so excited to offer access to international healthcare and all the wonderful alternative treatment options they provide.  They are so open minded to care options that are rare or non existent in the US and guess what?  That mindset trickles down from the top.

If you want personal contact for more information please complete the form below.  See you in my next post!


2 thoughts on “Can you improve the quality of your life?

  1. This is an insightful post. The experience of getting a good experience healthcare requires the coordination and attention of all the care givers, who need to work together well to ensure the best outcome for the patient.

    It is great that you are helping to provide coordination to help those looking to receive different care options.



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