2017 Plastic Surgery Price List

Plastic Surgery Fee Schedule

As our service promises, we are available to help our clients determine the best possible surgeon according to anatomic specialty, education and years in practice.

We are also available to obtain and secure pricing on long term accommodations, transportation and airfare.

Important Note;
  • The estimates provided here represent a possible range of costs only and should not be interpreted as the actual costs of treatment.
  • The estimates provided are based upon our best understanding of the patient‘s medical condition at the time of inquiry/contact.
  • Only a Bumrungrad physician can approve patient’s eligibility for medical and surgical and only after a thorough physical examination has been performed.
  • Medical and surgical packages have strict conditions for patient’s eligibility and do not cover complications and any other additional expenses that may arise.
  • These prices are for rough planning purposes only to assist the patient in understanding the possible range of costs. The cost ranges provided are based upon our best understanding of the patient’s condition at the time of contact and do not represent a minimum or maximum potential cost.
  • Please be notified that the estimated cost is subject to change without prior notice for year 2018.
  • A 100% deposit of the estimated cost is required on or prior to admission
  • Due to price may change, according to each patient’s medical conditions, if you have previous treatment history, medical reports, radiology images, laboratory results and etc. – please provide us all related documents, in order to further consult with our specialist(s).