How much do you love yourself?

Why do we ask?  People have a tendency to overlook their healthcare needs….they have other “more important” things to do, they will do it later, they will wait until they have time off, the list of excuses is endless.

Imagine this: have you ever dreamed of traveling while caring for yourself?  Sometimes small things – like truly caring and loving one’s self will make our lives – as short as they are – more pleasurable.  Many have imagined themselves traveling to a destination for elective medical care but the fear of the multiple unknowns scares us right back into reality.

This is where we come in.  Having traveled and worked in Thailand since 1996, we have now partnered with Bumrungrad International Hospitals to make international healthcare travel more of a reality than just a dream.

Bumrungrad is considered one of the top hospitals in the entire world and ranked first in all of Asia.  It was the first hospital to become JCI certified (JCI is the international version of JCAHO) in Asia and is a major destination for the worldly medical traveler.


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