Carla Drew, Owner

Our group is a boutique concierge brokerage firm founded to match patients and their requirements with physicians at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.  Our objective is to take the fear out of medical tourism and Bumrungrad Hospital as a world leader in medical care is a place that our brokerage firm feels meets the highest standards for our clients.  It has been awarded numerous accolades and has been featured on many media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CBS’s 60 Minutes and NBC’s Today Show.

What we do….

CMHD will work with third parties, including your employer to negotiate 100% coverage, regardless of the country you reside in.  If you are an individual and wish to pay forthright for your treatment, we work on your behalf to secure optimal pricing.

We have has access to providers who promote healthy living, nutrition and aging, who can improve cardiac function, and who can heal through general and cosmetic surgery.

We will arbitrate communication with physicians, the transfer of your medical records, and will present flight, hotel, and ground transportation options based upon your preferences.

What we don’t do…

We do not charge the client for any intermediary services provided.

Please visit our page on Bumrungrad International Hospital and also their website, http://www.bumrungrad.com

We warmly welcome inquires without commitment