A Single Perspective of the Healthcare Climate in America

Despite the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, healthcare is still not affordable in the United States. In addition to an increase in premiums and deductibles, we are witnessing the quality of our healthcare decrease substantially due to administrative run healthcare initiatives over the past decade. With the continued increase of government directives and the … Continue reading A Single Perspective of the Healthcare Climate in America

Obamacare, American medicine, medical tourism and what it means for me

Love, Life and Surgery in Latin America is now Colombian Culture & Cuisine

I haven’t written in a while because I have been looking for a way to describe what’s been going on in healthcare.

the American healthcare system the American healthcare system

As a provider

There has been a weird unhappy vibe in the  American hospitals these days.. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before in the last 15 years.  There has always been a collective feeling of frustration among providers; but it’s usually sat somewhat untended, like a slow cooker slowly simmering away..  These frustrations were related to our inability to provide the best for all of our patients, our frustration with the broken-ness of a health care system so rife with waste, yet with so little help for our vulnerable populations, and those in dire need.

It was manifested by occasion individual grumbling; during case management meetings, during conversations with faceless insurance companies as we explained yet again, why our patient:

a. really needed…

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