Expat? Exchange Student? Frequent Traveler? Once in a lifetime Traveler? There is an insurance policy for you!

For most people,  when it comes to international travel, the last thing on our thoughts is healthcare.  What happens to us if something happens to us???

We automatically assume our existing coverage will kick in no matter where we are in the world – and that may or may not be true.  No one wants to find out the latter after the fact.  I know my US based United Healthcare will not cover me internationally – even for an emergency so I have purchased a GeoBlue (Blue Cross International) policy that will cover me no matter where I am in the world.

CMHD has access to write policies for Geoblue and also Sirius (formerly IMG) international policies.  These can be quoted as one time traveler, frequent traveler (to be renewed annually) and for expat from US to any country in the world.  Please inbox for a no commitment quote …..

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