Medical Travel Facilitator FAQ

I am often asked to define a “Medical Travel Facilitator”

Regardless of your situation…..a worldly traveler, a lonely traveler, or new to international travel….to think of health needs when abroad creates an entirely new set of worries. To facilitate means to simplify things…..we facilitate your travel by taking the worries out of registration, health care costs, multi- tiered travel packages (round trip airport transportation and hotel accommodations, some all inclusive, all can be modified to your specific budget) and acting as your bridge between the hospital, physician and yourself.

I have compiled a frequently asked questions list as these are the queries that come up repetitively regardless how well versed you are in travel.

1. Does my insurance provide coverage outside of the USA?

Many plan provide coverage around the world and most benefits for covered services under both Standard and Basic Option are paid at the Preferred level. Physician care performed outside the U.S. is paid at the Preferred level using an Overseas Fee Schedule or a provider negotiated amount. You must be responsible to contact your provider before hand to inquire about elective (your choice) and emergency (no choice) services.  The majority of carriers will cover emergency services and many will cover elective services as they realize the cost containment value to their organization.  However, some international hospitals and physicians are not contracted with our common carriers ie Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc and thus do not accept payment as full.  We cannot help in establishing your policy criteria with your carrier because of HIPAA regulation but we can intervene on your behalf PRIOR to your procedure to provide amounts if any, that may be owed.  In addition to reading your service plan, it may behoove the patient to contact a customer service representative for further clarification of their specific benefits under their specific plan.

1. What if my insurance does not cover international care?

We will act as your representative to obtain the best pricing possible, in writing, prior to your departure from your home country.

What if I have an emergency and I have no insurance at home or abroad and visit Bumrungrad Hospital out of necessity?

Please contact us, we will work on your behalf to ensure your pricing is contained.

Can I opt for care overseas even if my insurance does not cover?  You always have that option, just please be aware that you may be responsible for out of pocket expenses and again, we are at your disposal to “facilitate” for you.

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